Friday, August 08, 2008

08.08.08 - Love List Friday

The eight things I am loving today:

1. The date... 08.08.08!

2. My phone number that ends in 0888.

3. My enneagram* type... 8.

4. The 8 scoops of coffee I use in my French press.

5. 80,000 miles rolled up on my odometer this week.

6. The street where I live...

7. Current temperature in the 80s and not the 30s as seen above.

8. I have $8 in my pocket.


*This is only one web site dealing with the enneagram. It is an oral tradition; however, several books, tapes, and web sites are available.


graceonline said...

Dear Wanda, I hope this is one of eight good-wish comments you receive today.

Rebecca said...

I was just thinking yesterday that it was YOUR day! You are my absolute favorite 8 and I love you.

Your Sister,

Wanda said...


Thanks for being one of them.


It was my day! Too bad I was such a cranky butt. Apparently, it is in my stars these days. Sigh. Oh, well.


She said...

My enneagram is a 4.

Wanda said...

She, I thought you might be a four. I read your blog all the time.


Anonymous said...

I believe that the Chinese consider 8 to be very lucky. That's why this year's Olympics began at 8 minutes past 8 on the 8th August (2008)!

Wanda said...


Cool! I'll take more good luck...every day.