Saturday, June 23, 2012 for no reason at all

Everyone loves a good secret.

Thanks, Puanani, for sharing this with me.


Susan O'Neil said...

Thanks for sharing that! Coincidentally, I was at JCP yesterday and saw men's polo shirts marked down to 5$, originally around 25$. I bought 5 to give to the charity where Sundeep volunteers. They help teenagers getting out of detention centers. One of the shirts was only marked down to 9$. I told the young man what I was doing it and he changed the price to 5$. As stressed as I am about my own financial situation, I simply couldn't pass up such a good deal to help someone else. I don't know who'll get more pleasure from it-me or them!

Wanda said...

Susan, may you be blessed many-fold for your gift to these young men. Isn't it wonderful that generosity feels so good? I am sure it is part of the divine plan. Too bad some of those running the country don't get it that it is the way we are meant to operate.

Rebecca said...

Exquisite story. Exquisite comments.