Saturday, September 08, 2012

the clan waiting to be fed

Along with love, compassion is the face of altruism. It is a feeling from deep in the heart that you cannot bear others’ suffering without acting to relieve it. As compassion grows stronger, so does your willingness to commit yourself to the welfare of all beings, even if you have to do it alone. You will be unbiased in your service to all beings, no matter how they respond to you.

Dalai Lama
I'm such a softie and these guys got my number. They are feral cats who do quite well getting the tourists to feed them.

One of the orange guys didn't look well. He had weepy eyes. He looked old. As we were leaving on the last day, he came out of the garbage can. I don't know if he was rummaging or had spent the night there. I managed to coax him back to our unit where I put out a can of food. He was the only one there at the time so I hope he got his fill before the others arrived.

 I don't know whether they made me miss my kitties more or less....

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