Thursday, November 15, 2012

love thursday 11.15.12 ~ self love

I used to allow other people to mistreat me. I wanted to be loved so badly I thought the attention they paid me, even negative, was love. One day I realized abuse, disrespect, neglect, rudeness, control, etc., is never love. The day I started respecting myself was the day I stopped the self-abuse of allowing other people to abuse me. 

 Regina Victoria Cates 

Self-love is sometimes the hardest lesson. It's okay if it takes a while to put your finger on it and see that you are being mistreated. The point is seeing it and taking action.

The more practiced we become, the quicker we see it and take appropriate action. Abuse is never love.

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Jude said...

This hit me between the eyes. Having a daughter who thinks it's her duty to ruin Christmas every year had been a trial. Wanting my family together, pretending to be the Brady bunch, was so important to me that I took her verbal abuse. This year has been no different. When I opened your blog this morning and read this, it was like God was saying get over it, love yourself and let christmas be the loving time it's supposed to be. your post was a Godwink. Thanks