Monday, February 16, 2009

i got to do a photo shoot

My first shoot! A friend asked me to take pictures of his hand blown glass items so he can post them in an etsy shop. It was really fun and I already know some things I will do differently next adjust the white balance. My bad.

Anyway, I really like this bead. I think it would look great with my snakeskin boots. Don't you?

I'll let you know when his shop is up and running. He'd appreciate your stopping buy. (Oops. Freudian slip.) I mean stopping BY.


Joan said...

The bead would look great with your snakeskin boots. It is beautiful. Would love to see more of his work.

Rebecca said...

So great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bead! And how cool that he asked you to shoot it!
oh and...I'm jealous of your boots!

museofsouthprairie said...

Do not EVER show me your boots or I will scream and chop at them with my hoe. I lived too long in Southeastern Oregon.

The bead is way, way cool and the fact you know how to photograph it and all your other great photos is even cooler.