Tuesday, December 29, 2009


(i miss the beach)

I have often maintained that the best poet is ... the baker who ... does [the] majestic and unpretentious work of kneading the dough, consigning it to the oven, baking it in golden colours and handing us our daily bread as a duty of fellowship.

~ Pablo Neruda ~
Chilean poet and 1971 Nobel Laureate in Literature

It took me 12 hours to bring my anger to a manageable state so I didn't blow someone's head off when I called. Finally, when I did call the person I needed to speak to wasn't in. No return call today either. We'll see what happens tomorrow. If they don't call tomorrow, I believe I will fire them. Something about that brings me peace so it is likely the right thing to do.

Mars and Mercury retrograde at the same time wreak havoc on my ability to communicate clearly without going nuclear. I am proud of myself for waiting.

What you see above is the Oregon coast...Cannon Beach to be exact. However, I get to go to Hawaii in May. The arrangements have been made. The tide is in motion.

Only two more posts this year and it will end on Love Thursday. How perfect is that?

If someone can tie all these things together for me into a cohesive piece, I will be forever impressed. It is what it is.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

No accident you will end up on Love Thursday, also my anniversary!

Deb Shucka said...

I just loved seeing the word "olio" somewhere besides a crossword!