Friday, June 17, 2011


All of you who are writers...

How do you get started?

What motivates you?

I would very much appreciate anything you have to share.

And if you are so inclined (whether you consider yourself a writer or not), I'd love it if you'd give me a prompt. I'll see what I can do with all that are left for me--either as a comment or an email.

I thank you in advance.


Oregon's Superhero said...

Oregon's Superhero said...

and you just have to sit down and write for 13 minutes.

Ya know....
I passed a church billboard today, and I can't figure it out.... but maybe it's a prompt.

"A friends wounds are trustworthy"

kario said...

Have you come across Lisa Romeo's website? You can find a link to her blog on mine. She will send you daily prompts and I find them to be really great, personally.