Thursday, September 01, 2011

love thursday 09.01.11 ~ being a beloved

(wedding flowers)
Every great secret makes one poor, it seems. Like a powerful sexual encounter, it cannot be shared and therefore it cannot be understood or valued by others. As a result, it is almost always misunderstood, especially by those who have not yet discovered their own secret or found their own “private room.” The secret of divine intimacy is by definition unshareable, ineffable, and mysterious even to the one who enjoys it. It makes you great, but it also makes you very lonely, and often the subject of cruel accusations, comparisons, and spiritual competition.

Being a beloved son [or daughter] will not make you fit in, but in fact will make you an outsider in almost all circles—sometimes even to yourself, as you question your own self-assuredness and doubt your own best moments. Every secret makes one poor and lonely, living alone in rooms of doubt—the doubt that comes from an unshareable ecstasy.

Richard Rohr

Talking requires words and language--symbols for an experience or understanding that people share. What happens when no known words can express an experience?

In Living With Kundalini, Gopi Krishna says that we will need to develop a new language.

I think he's right.

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