Sunday, April 13, 2008


Dear you believe in karma?

Dear Karma Chameleon,

Of course, I believe in karma. But the real question is, "Does Karma believe in me?"

Seriously, the question really isn't about "believing in" karma. The concept of karma is a description for something...some phenomenon...that people have noticed and observed over time. Karma exists. The bigger question for me is "what does karma mean?"

Growing up in the Western World, I don't have the same understanding as those who came of age in the Eastern traditions. In the west we tend to make things too simplistic. I doubt that karma is as simple as, "I must have done something really bad in a past life for this crappy stuff to be happening to me now in this life."

I do believe karma is about balance. But it isn't a linear process. I suspect that karma is both more and less than we know. I think of it as a description of something that is a law of nature--a phenomenon of physics.

Tell me what you think. The lines are open.


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