Wednesday, December 23, 2009


(look at that! shine a light in my right eye and it comes out my left ear.)

You must wait and listen for the sound of the genuine that is within you. When you hear it, that will be your voice and the Voice of God.

~ Howard Thurman ~
American author, civil rights leader, and theologian (1899-1981)

Winter is the season for introspection. I tend to go within and hang out there. It's dark. It's cold. It is a time of death in preparation for the new birth.

I manage through the holiday season, though much of the time I don't feel very social. I'll join in the festivities and it is good to be with family.

The best thing about the day after Solstice is that now the days are getting longer. More light...more life. There is hope.


Umā said...

My sentiments exactly.

Deb Shucka said...

I completely agree with you. Love the quote and the picture will the lopsided halo.

Joan said...

Interesting observation about the light in your eye! I love light. And I am so ready for the days to get longer.

SE'LAH... said...

Sending you lots of positive vibes, and light ;)