Thursday, March 05, 2009

honored i am (Love Thursday ~ 03.05.09)

(a new award at Realizing Ordinary)

Thank you, Kathryn Grace, for honoring me. I look forward to hearing stories of Ordinary Heroes every week because, quite frankly, not enough has been made of all the good things people are doing to save us little bitty (or huge) step at a time.

And just to be perfectly clear, the whole idea of Love Thursday comes from chookooloonks. Karen is one of my favorites as shares her beautiful images and wit and wisdom, bringing bright spots and love into my life and the rest of the world.

So, Karen, I hereby bestow upon you, the Ordinary Hero Award. Thank you.


Joan said...

Wanda, you are my hero!

Carrie Wilson Link said...


She said...


Wanda said...

Thank you all!

Chookooloonks said...

Oh, wow, Wanda. This is so sweet of you. Thank you so much - I'm honoured!