Saturday, March 28, 2009

who is my brother?

(where's Wanda?)

How do we learn to love our enemy? By seeing him as a brother who is tempted as we are, and attacked by the same real enemy which is the spirit of hatred and of "Antichrist." This same enemy seeks to destroy us both by pitting us against one another.
~ Thomas Merton ~
from Passion For Peace

I watched Milk tonight. While it was a great film, I wouldn't call it uplifting. When will we learn? No...really...when will we learn?

Song running through my head: Where have all the flowers gone? by the Kingston Trio


Carrie Wilson Link said...

That's what I've been afraid of and the only reason I haven't watched "Milk" yet - so depressing!

Anonymous said...

Wanda, what would you do ... ?

A dear friend is an alcoholic and prescription drug abuser. She has been on antidepressants for years. She mixes booze and pills, knowing they can kill her. Recently, her shrink prescribed amphetamines to "help her get out of bed."

She talks of suicide every time I see her. She claims her therapist and her prescription shrink know this. I am beside myself with worry that the combination of speed, downers, alcohol and carelessness will finally do her in. What would you do?

museofsouthprairie said...

I thought something was missing from Milk. The whole time I watched it I realized that whatever it was wasn't there. I did not find it a great film, just a good one for telling the story but even then things were left out. I did think that Josh Brolin was fantastic. Sean Penn, not so much. Regarding the song, I think more and more of us have learned than ever before. Not that it's enough, but it's better.

Wanda said...

Dear Muse,

You make good points. The film was good for what it was. And yes, something was missing.

The fact that it was made is progress. For that I am grateful.

Yes, more and more of us have learned and are learning. The question is, will it be too little too late? I hope not.


She said...

I loved MILK. I thought Sean Penn was brilliant in it. I also cried most of the entire movie.

I don't know when we will learn. I hope it is soon.