Monday, April 20, 2009

missed photo op

Sunday morning
Top down
Headed for adventure
Not one
Or two
But six


In the neighbors' yards

All seemed young
Yearling sized

One had antler bumps
He looked up
When I noticed them
And spoke to him
Then went back to grazing

Good grass here

My camera
In the bag


Joan said...

Isn't that frustrating? I did the same thing here this morning...a beautiful robin on the planter on the deck with the lake in the background, and a gorgeous rooster pheasant just off the deck glowing in the sun's rays that were just peeking up over the mountains. Me? I sat here in awe of the beauty and didn't even think about getting the camera until the opportunities had passed. Maybe next time!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

But captured now, none the less!

vchelle said...

Sometimes, we need to just breathe in life and look without movement... Thanks for the description.. I see the deer in the yard and they are beautiful!

rebecca said...

Lovely imagery. I can see them in my minds eye.

Anonymous said...

Fogged in
Visibility under one-quarter mile
Big fat fly
Buzzing around in front room window
Non-descript gray bird
Pecking for food
In the grass
Camera on the table
No batteries

SE'LAH... said...

As least you have a mental photograph to appease you...well, sort of ;-)

mary c said...

Shoot it Daddy
His whole body tense and focused on the geese.
My genes tell me
My nose tells me
My eyes tell me
Sailor strains the leash
If you shoot it I'll get it for you.
Daddy laughs.
No gun. No shooting. No satisfaction.