Tuesday, April 21, 2009

response to missed photo op + giveaway!

In response to yesterday's post, I received this comment:

Fogged in
Visibility under one-quarter mile
Big fat fly
Buzzing around in front window
Non-descript gray bird
Pecking for food
In the grass
Camera on the table
No batteries

I loved it. It cracked me up and that set me to thinking. I'd like to have you all share a poem, an extended haiku, a free verse--something you wrote about a missed opportunity (photo or otherwise). Make it funny, poignant, silly, absurd, real--your choice. Leave it in the comments and I will pick a random commenter to receive a Tshirt of your choice from the options on the right. Two options that are not pictured include "Don't Make Me Call My Soeur" (for my Canadian friends) and "Don't Make Me Call Your Sister" (for those of you who don't have a sister--born or chosen).

Since I am out of town, I will choose the commenter at random on Sunday the 26th at 5:00 p.m. PST. I can't wait to read your entries.

To make up for the missed op, the deer arrived in the back this morning, giving me ample opportunity to shoot them--photographically, of course.

This was over my deck railing. They really did get this close:


Joan said...

I love it!! Anonymous is pretty funny! I hope that she will share more works here in the future. The poetry contest sounds like a fun challenge. Good luck to all.

kath said...

What did Wanda did?
She left her camera hid
but the lovely deer
returned to here
and Wanda went click click click
write a poem and then I'll pick.


this is too hard
Love Kath
1/2 of the soeurs du jour

Wanda said...

Joan, you are in because of your comment today...and yesterday.

Kath, this is perfect! Thanks.

Come on everyone. Time to play...

Oh, and Anonymous, you're in, too...since I know who you are. :)

SE'LAH... said...

As I was scrolling down, I consciously thought: "Did they stay there while she got that close?" and then, I thought, "Oh, she must have great zoom lens"...and then I saw your comment that they were that close.


vchelle said...

It's my favorite
red, trimmed in white
spongy with freshness
It's all in my mind
the smell, the color, the taste
it's not that great
think green, think green
oh what the hell!
eat red, think green
Ok, now eat green
and now think red
it's all gone...

My version of my opportunity to avoid eating that piece of red velvet cake..

vchelle said...

P.S. the deer is what I envisioned!

margie said...

she had no idea she was so old
that the thread to her creativity to could go so cold
she bought her nikon just last year
took another one to get the gear
years she lost before her shooting began
now she knows she really can!!

haha, and vchelle, if you laugh to hard because you can actually write poems i will come and bop you one.

Wanda said...

vchelle, I love red velvet cake, too!

margie...it's wonderful!

Thanks for playing.