Friday, April 09, 2010


Stop for one whole day every week, and you will remember what it means to be created in the image of God, who rested on the seventh day not from weariness but from complete freedom. The clear promise is that those who rest like God find themselves free like God, no longer slaves to the thousand compulsions that send others rushing toward their graves.

~ Barbara Brown Taylor ~

from her book
Leaving Church

Today I will be resting. Up at o'dawn hundred to make an airport run and then a foot doctor appointment and procedure. I won't be moving around much today.

Interesting to think of rest as a characteristic of the Divine. I am going to have to meditate on this:

rest = freedom

Tell me your thoughts.


Tracy said...

rest = freedom... I find that a very powerful thought, Wanda! Especially as it's Friday, the end of a very, extra busy week. I will be resting this weekend... I look forward to the freedom and reconnection with the Divine. Hoping your procedure went well... be taking good care. :o) ((HUGS))

Joan said...

That's a good concept. I think it is true. Thanks for the mad dash to the airport. Rest and be free.

kath said...

I rest a lot, I try to stay quiet and listen, but it is a struggle because the monkey of my thoughts swings through the branches of my mind rocking everything into restlessness.

Deb Shucka said...

In yoga, it's savasana - the corpse - where we're told the biggest benefit happens. For sure, it's only in rest that the Divine has a chance to break through all our inner chatter. Your boy is setting such a great example.

Wanda said...

And he does do a mean savasana!