Tuesday, May 17, 2011

birds of paradise


The community today can be no single tradition; it is the planet. Daily the world grows smaller, leaving understanding the only place where peace can find a home.

Huston Smith

Sunday I visited a friend. I drove to her house with the top down, but put it up when I arrived. We had a lovely visit talking about wedding plans (hers) and how I get to participate in the ceremony and preparations.

When I left, the sun still shone so I put the top down again. Just as I did, a bird (probably an angry bird) flew over and dropped...not an egg--oh, no...not an egg. Hit my seatbelt, vest, shirt, hand, pants...oh, yes, it did.

Fortunately, I keep a towel in my car. I used it.

When I put the top up at the end of the day, I saw all of the places that the birds had been using the top for target practice while I visited. Oh, yes--they did.

Monday, I had a late start at work so I decided to wash the bombs off my car. The sun was shining. I finished the job pretty quickly, sat down to rest, and...it rained. Truth. Minutes after I finished.

I hope they were birds of paradise. Oh, yes, I do.


Joan said...

Love your story-telling talent! I'm wishing you lots of good, topless weather!

kario said...

ACK! Glad you put the top up while you were at her house!

Deb Shucka said...

Sometimes the only thing to do is laugh!

Kathryn Grace said...

Oh dear. Please forgive me for laughing so hard! A friend of mine believes it is possible to end any drought by simply getting a lot of folks to wash their cars on the same day.