Wednesday, March 14, 2012

fire and water

That you need God more than anything, you know at all times in your heart. But don’t you know also that God needs you — in the fullness of [God's] eternity, you?

Martin Buber

I will regale you over the next while with different views from my office.

Kilauea flowing into the ocean is a perfect analogy for my astrology. Fire, water, a little steam (air) and the earth...disappears. On my new wall, the print comes alive.

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Kathryn Grace said...

Magnificent. In a later post, which I read first, I mentioned that I am reading Isabella Bird's book on Hawaii, written in the nineteenth century. She tells of actually walking down into the Kilauea crater. Fantastic story! And her telling evoked exactly such images in my mind's eye as this painting.