Sunday, July 01, 2012

farewell, misi

(honeyboy keeping misi company)

I don't care if you're dead
Jesus is here, and he wants
To resurrect somebody.


Misi failed quickly and it became clear that she was in pain and suffering. We made the very hard decision to help her leave.

While we waited for the doctor to come to the house, I told HoneyBoy that it was time to say goodbye to Misi. We sat on the porch and I let HoneyBoy in the house. When we came in, this is what we saw.

So long, Misi. We miss you.


Rebecca said...

I'm sorry.

Susan O'Neil said...

I'm so sorry. I always loved seeing photos of Misi. She was a gentle soul.

Joan said...

This brought tears to my eyes. So sorry for your loss, but glad that you were able to love her for 18 years. <3

Wanda said...

Yes, I've been missing her. You all may not get how special this is that HoneyBoy came and lay with her. This is not his usual relationship with her.

kario said...

I am so sorry, Wanda. There is nothing harder than making that decision and hoping that they understand. I hope you find solace in memories and Honeyboy.