Thursday, July 26, 2012

love thursday 07.26.12 ~ even blueberries must be planted in pairs

(our first blueberry harvest)

Sin is to avoid this path of intimacy and communion by any guise whatsoever, even celibacy or abstinence. Evil is to deny anyone, including ourselves, the possibility of this path by making their or our sexuality inferior, in any sense enslaved or controlled, or mere entertainment. If humans cannot enjoy the delighting and delightful face of at least one other, how will they ever seek or surrender to the seductive and loving face of God? They will not even know how. Sexuality and spirituality really are two sides of the same coin: one is body and the other is Spirit.

Richard Rohr

from “What Do We Mean by the ‘Sacred’ Character of Gender?”


Kathryn Grace said...

What a beautiful mind this minister Rohr has. He seems to have a deeper, more compassionate and loving understanding of the Creator than any I have read or heard. How beautiful our world might be, and how less filled with grotesque images of sexuality and violence as entertainment, if more of us saw the world through such eyes.

Wanda said...

If I lived near where he is and he were preaching I would definitely go to his church!