Friday, November 14, 2008

How'd I do that?

I took this on my road trip (see #2 and #9) to Wyoming in September. I'm not sure how it came out that color, but I think I had adjusted the white balance and didn't know what I was doing. That trip was the beginning of learning how to use the camera for more than a point and shoot.

I'm just going to keep pushing buttons and turning dials to see what happens. That's what I'll do.


Cowtown Pattie said...

I tried that, and then couldn't remember what settings I used for what picture.

I am still using the preloaded settings as a crutch. I need to play more and be less intimidated by the camera...

Anonymous said...

That is a great way to learn! It's nice that with digital cameras you can look up the settings you used for each individual photo...I refer to them often on the shots that turned out well. This is a cool blue and interesting composition!

Wanda said...

Pattie - Welcome back and thanks for coming by! I know what you mean about remembering settings. However, what I find is that if I do enough playing around, I really do start to learn the features and know what each one does. It comes with enough time behind the viewfinder. I throw away far more pictures than I save...still. Love those digitals.

S. Cheeky - Thanks for commenting. I checked out the properties on the picture and couldn't find settings. Is there some trick?

Keep coming back. I love it.


Rebecca said...

Very nice color and composition. There's a lot of sky in Wyoming, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

hi wanda. sure! this is your happy accident :) i can see why since at that time you were just fresh out of the box playing with your camera :) turning dials and pressing buttons is my motto ;)
i'm gonna post the links tonight or tomorrow.. thanks for playing!