Sunday, February 22, 2009

tagged: 3's about me

(shutter sisters: "Show us a photo that's a tease of what you want the most.")

She tagged me. Not just any random she...but She did. Check out her blog. I love reading her and I hope you do, too.

With no further's my list:

Three names I’ve been called:
1. Wonder (because I am a wonder you know!)

2. Bhagwandananda (my name as a guru...purely in jest, but it stuck)

3. Leolani (given to me by a Hawaiian friend--it means "voice of heaven")

Three jobs I’ve had:
1. Gas station pump jockey (a summer job in college--mostly I read books between customers!)

2. Book store clerk (I've worked in two college bookstores--talk about Heaven...)

3. Volleyball coach--I had never played competitively, but when I got my first teaching job, they needed someone who could/would also coach something. I agreed. I enjoyed it immensely and, fortunately, had a talented head coach who believed in me and taught me as we went along.

Three places I’ve lived...only in Oregon:
1. Tillamook (yes, where they make the cheese)

2. Salem (the state capital where I attended college)

3. of the best cities on the planet

Three hobbies:
1. Photography--while I have always been interested in it, only in the last year have I started to work on my skills in earnest. Digital is great--immediate film to buy and process so I can shoot with abandon. (All the photos on this blog are mine unless otherwise noted.)

2. Playing guitar--I have moved away from this for a number of years, but the desire is building in me to pick it up again. Maybe I will even take up ukulele.

3. Writing--through much of my life I journaled. None of it was great writing, but the process was important to me. Now I blog. Maybe some day I will be able to collect myself to do more again. I keep looking toward that day and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Three Things Most People Do Not Know About Me:
1. When I was in junior high I set a weight for myself that if I reached it I would have to kill myself. I have long since surpassed that weight and I am still here. What a cruel pressure our culture places on us to look a certain way--not be too...anything.

2. When I do my laundry, I fold my underwear into packets...fold each side in by thirds; then fold top down and bottom up in thirds; tuck the bottom into the top. Voilá!

3. I'm a grammar snob. When I was in sixth grade, I would rather stay in and diagram sentences on the blackboard than go outside for recess. In eighth grade I was the county spelling champion. I taught English at the high school level. And while I am discreet about speaking up, I sometimes cringe internally at mistakes I hear and read. (On another note, I am not nearly as perfectionistic in my own speaking and writing as I used to be--mainly because my memory isn't good enough, but also because life is too short to worry about it that I guess that means my snobbery is being transformed. Oh, hallelujah! Good for me.)

Three TV shows that I watch (on DVD after the season comes out--I hate commercials):
1. Ugly Betty

2. Grey's Anatomy

3. Bones

Three Places I have Been:
1. Belize

2. Hawaii (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii)

3. Nassau, Bahamas

Three Places I want to Go:
1. Australia

2. The other Hawaiian islands

3. More tropical islands in the South Pacific and Caribbean

I gotta tell ya--you're getting close to knowing everything there is to know about me.

Now, I tag Rebecca and Kapuananiokalaniakea...and YOU, of course. (Put your list on your own blog and leave me a link OR leave your list in the comments below--your choice.)


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Great, and fascinating list. That breaks my heart about the weight at which point you'd kill yourself...

Can't wait to see Kapuanaiokalaniakea's list!

contemporary themes said...

Awesome list! We share a love for diagramming sentences! I used to do that for fun when I was in junior high and high school! I'm also a grammar snob, but I've loosened up a bit since I started text messaging!
: )

Anonymous said...

ack! Grammer snob! You must cringe like crazy when you read my posts! LOL, that's okay, though, I cringe when reading my posts, too!