Saturday, October 17, 2009

randomness from my day



Only when enough adults practice and teach children love and respect at home, in schools, religious congregations, and in our political and civic life will racial, gender, and religious intolerance and hate crimes subside in America and the world.

~ Marian Wright Edelman ~
from her book Lanterns

~ Since I am missing my kitties, my neighbor who is visiting them in the afternoons took these pictures while they were playing and emailed them to me.

~ I love email.

~ A group of adolescents arrived en masse at the hotel today. Their meeting sounded like bad cheerleading. After I (and no doubt countless others) called the front desk to find out if I would be listening to them all weekend, they got quiet. Thank you.

~ In order to break the suction of the hotel room, we went outside the city tonight for dinner. We found a wonderful Thai restaurant where I had the best Panang curry I have ever eaten. The. Best.

~ Finally, we found a store that sells dark chocolate M&Ms.

~ I spent the afternoon reading Hope Edelman's The Possibility of Everything. Having been to Belize, I am enjoying the additional richness my experience brings to reading her book. Only about 30 pages left.

~ The hotel across the street has a pear tree in the front yard. When pears drop on the sidewalk they split.

~ was not so accu today. Okay with me. We got less rain than they predicted.

~ We are now officially half way through this trip.

~ I slept almost 10 hours last night.

*Photos by my neighbor, Monique


Joan said...

Thanks for sharing your activities and your pictures with us. I am most happy that you found the dark chocolate M&Ms! Enjoy the rest of your vacation. said...

So cute!

Hope you are having fun!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Great list! Love the M&Ms and great sleep - you're set!