Friday, December 21, 2012


Here we are. At the beginning of the New Age. Has the shift happened? Only time will tell.

It is my prayer that we never again have to go through a horror like this. We must stop.

We must start to see each other as individuals. The innocents pay when we don't.

Can we relate to these children? They didn't yet have a political party. Most of them were not yet aware of their sexual orientation. The religion they practiced was likely that of their parents.

Yes, their race and gender were set. That's all.

Would they have become part of the 1% or the 99%?

Would they be givers or takers?

Would they be healthy or chronically ill and in need of assistance?

We'll never know.

Yet people in everyone of these categories exist in our realm. We must care for one another.

We simply must. We are all like fingers on a hand. Different but connected. Only when we work together will we get anything done.

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