Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bloomin' mad!

This one came to me offline:

What would Wanda do about this?

I have been using the same yard service for several years. I have instructed them time and time again, "NO pruning. Just cut the grass." They have killed several of my ornamental grasses and they cut back my Russian sage before it was time. Last week--once again--I caught them cutting back the daisies and I told them, "NO PRUNING. I like to do it. I will do it myself."

On the other hand, I have to ask them to cut the weeds in the ditch by the road. The only time they do it is when I ask them to. Do they remember that? No.

So today when I got home from work, the lawn care guys had been here. My 20 foot butterfly bush that was lush and full of purple blossoms is now 3 foot sticks with no blossoms left and almost no greenery.

I am speechless. I am flabbergasted. What could they possibly have been thinking? What would you do?

Bloomin' Mad

Dear Bloomin'--

Can't say that I blame you. I don't think they were thinking at all. Sounds like somebody just had to cut something! You'd think with all the power toys those guys get to play with (mowers and blowers and edgers and such) that they would be able to keep themselves happy and not have to color outside the lines (in a manner of speaking).

It isn't like you can just go out and buy a new 20 foot butterfly bush in full bloom and replace the one they hacked. I would go over their heads and talk to the boss. Bottom line is, they keep screwing up in spite of your giving them explicit instructions. In those instances, sometimes money is the only thing that talks. I would tell the boss the whole story, then ask them to give you free service--a month, a week? You decide what it is worth to you. I might even tell them if they continue to cut back the plants that I will continue to expect free service...or it might be time to find a new company.

Here's hoping they catch on soon.


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Confused Expert said...

What would Wanda do about this?

Last week, I taught a workshop to an industry association. One of the members sent me an email requesting that I give out my workshop templates so they can be posted on other sites ... to help other people ... for free ...

My dilemma is this. I do want to help other people. But teaching workshops is how I make a living. How do I gracefully say "no" without seeming uncooperative and greedy?

As always, I know you'll have something to say about this. As a matter of fact, I can hear the phone wringing already. I know it's you ...

Confused Expert