Wednesday, July 29, 2009

it all matters...even the little stuff

(sunlight through red banana leaf)

Every spiritual master in every tradition talks about the significance of small things in a complex world. Small actions in social life, small efforts in the spiritual life, small moments in the personal life. All of them become great in the long run, the mystics say, but all of them look like little or nothing in themselves.

~ Joan Chittister ~

I get frustrated when my world feels small. I want to be doing bigger, better, more things with my time and touching more lives.

Faithfulness, however, resides in the small stuff. One step at a time. I get up in the morning and I eventually brush my teeth, take a shower, get dressed, and step outside the house. Who knows what will happen from there?

What matters is that I keep doing each little step along the way and responding to what crosses my path. On a good day, I respond rather than react. Not all days are good days. And what I do matters--even when I don't think it does.

I haven't written the novel or hit the lecture tour. I haven't invented or traveled or constructed or found the cures and the answers. Could I? Maybe. This time around, the stars seem to want me to be faithful in the little things.

One step at a time, I'm trying doing it.


margie said...

wanda, you touch many lives, often. the other day kath and i were on the phone talking about the blog, and she said to me, "don't you just love wanda." xo

Joan said...

Yes, Wanda, you do touch many lives. What may seem small to you is sometimes just what some of us are needing. Don't stop. Persevere. Keep enlightening us with your wisdom. Yes, I do love Wanda.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Good job eliminating "trying!"

Remember the quote about not needing to do big things, only small things with big love, or whatever that is? Brilliant. And. True.

Christina said...

I have been going through this feeling lately. I am so ready to kick that feeling straight in the wazoo and move on with small important steps.
You are making a difference, my friend.

vchelle said...

My friend, it appears that you are feeling your way and that is perfect because that's when the little things that need to be done, a smile, a pat on the back, a positive word, and being in tune meaning feeling the love and energy.. You've done a very big thing here in this post, which was a small action and that is bring awareness to all of us! thank you!!!