Sunday, July 26, 2009

meet the family

I got these guys from a shelter yesterday. They are orange (and white) manx boys--brothers...littermates. I fell in love with orange boys when Larry was with me.

Misi is not too sure about them yet, but we fully expect that she will fall in love with them before long. She loves babies. She loves orange boys. How could she not? She has had several of them in her life.

(this one likes to sleep beside me on my chair)

(they have discovered that they like tussling)

(look at those blue eyes. they may not change.)

Neither of them have names yet. Well...they came home with names, but I don't like either name so we will be giving them new ones. We are waiting to get to know them a bit to see what fits.

Any suggestions?


She said...

oooooh! I love orange cats. They are beautiful!!!

Have fun!

vchelle said...

Oh how cute and adorable! I'm not good with names, but the fellow in the last photo reminds of a little Man - grown up! LOL!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

WOW, they are cute! Good luck with the naming, I'm sure their names will reveal themselves!

beth said...

my sister has new kittens, too....chester and little grey and they are too precious not to love !

congrats on your new babies !

margie said...

wanda, so so cute. you are a new mother!! i once had two cats who looked the same. we called them pete and repete. enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Mango and Honeydew. I want some kitty cats now too! susan

Anonymous said...

If my names get picked, do i win a tshirt! :) susan