Tuesday, July 14, 2009


(the swan in the mocha)

Today the few have achieved their economic freedom at the expense of the many. That is why our world order is tottering. Nothing can save it but a united attempt to put the will of God into operation.

~ Muriel Lester ~
social reformer and pacifist (1883-1968)

Muriel Lester died 40 years ago. A couple generations have come along since she made this point. Unfortunately, things haven't changed much.

What do you think she means by "a united attempt to put the will of God into operation"? What do you think the will of God is on this topic?

I don't think anyone should have to give up everything and I don't think anyone should get something for nothing. But wouldn't it be nice if everyone had enough?

Surely, there is some way to figure this out.


Joan said...

Because I think along simple lines I'll put it simply...The Golden Rule. What a better place this would be if all people everywhere lived by it.

And the picture is great!

Christina said...

Yes, that would be lovely.