Monday, July 06, 2009

rich or poor

(corsican mint in bloom--each of these flowers is about 3mm across)

It is more difficult to fight poverty in a rich country than in a poor one.

~ Mother Teresa ~

I keep starting this post and erasing it. Eloquence is escaping me so I will cut to the chase.

There is no virtue in being financially sin in being rich. It is "poverty of spirit"--humility and compassion--that is required of each of us to end financial poverty once and for all. Regardless of what you call the Divine you worship, without grace from that One, any of us could be walking without shoes--going hungry all day and night.

It's time we all had enough.


Joan said...

Amen. We all have the right to health, wealth and happiness. As hard as some of us might strive for that goal, without "povery of spirit" in our government it will not be able to be achieved my many of us.

Wanda said...

I continue to remain hopeful that our current President is "poor in spirit" and knows that we all need help. The problem is the "haves" who are not "poor in spirit" and don't care.

It is true that we cannot legislate sharing and concern for others; however, we can set up guidelines to encourage it. Since Obama has been in office volunteerism has exploded. Volunteering to serve those who need help puts a face on poverty and makes for a significant change of heart.

We don't have solutions to all the problems, but if we wait for ain't gonna happen.

Carrie Wilson Link said...