Monday, March 22, 2010

true self

(look at that little pink tongue)

True self, when violated, will always resist us, sometimes at great cost, holding our lives in check until we honor its truth.

~ Parker Palmer ~
from his book, Let Your Life Speak

I'm finding my voice. Bit by bit. My truth. It feels good.

I received an email from a relative about the health care reform legislation. The quoted piece averred that it had been verified by Snopes, implying that it was true. In fact, it was an opinion piece written by a retired constitutional law professor, full of hyperbole and interpretation. Snopes simply stated that the attribution of the article was correct and went on to say that some experts agree with him...some don't.

I couldn't stand silent and let this email go unchallenged, as if it were Truth instead of opinion. What I was most proud of was my impulse control. I didn't assert my first reaction, which was, "What a bunch of bullshit! This guy is making things up."

Instead, I was able to respectfully point out that this was an opinion piece--not fact; and I went on to explain why I support health care reform. I gave some of my own logic and my own reasons for why this reform was / is so important to me. No hyperbole. My truth. My experience.

I didn't blurt--but I did speak up. And I feel better for having done so.


Tracy said...

To thine own self be true... Be brave with your truth, Wanda! :o) ((HUGS))

Joan said...

And I am proud of you for doing so!

Deb Shucka said...

Good for you. I had a similar opportunity just today and it's amazing how freeing it is to speak the truth gently.

Love the little pink tongue. :-)

Susan O'Neil said...

your kitties make me happy.

i realized tonight that all of us need to start speaking the--no scratch that--our truth. not in a mean, i'm right, you're wrong, kind of way. but a simple, this is my truth, neutral tone of voice way. there is so much hyperbole, so much hypocrisy, and so many lies out there, that the only way we can stand up to it is to speak our truth whenever and wherever the chance/need/opportunity arises. doesn't the 2012 prophecy say something about this time being about truth being revealed?

Kathryn Grace said...

Why is it the naysayers only want to spout, seldom want to listen, let alone consider the possibility of another point of view? What do they fear so? Thank you a hundred times over for speaking your truth. Ordinary people, speaking in reasoned voices, can make a difference. It may take time. Perhaps a lot of time. (sigh)

Wanda said...

Thank you, Joan and Tracy.

Deb, I am glad to have your company in this process.

Susan, yes, that is what the prophesies say. We can only hope that it continues.

Kathryn--I don't know. I think they are afraid. Of what, I don't know. Thanks so much for your support.