Saturday, January 29, 2011

the case of the missing contact

Put in contacts.

Get in shower.

Dry off.

Put towels on floor to put in laundry.

Get dressed.

Comb hair.

Notice that right eye is blurry...blurrier than usual.

Take contact case into hall bathroom to hold contacts while I switch left to right eye and right to left eye--just in case I got them mixed up (it has happened before)--because Mijo is in the sink in the master bath.

Start to take out contact from right eye.


Pick up all the towels and shake them.

Pick up all the rugs and shake them.

Crawl on hands and knees into the closet to look for a small blue plastic disk.

Examine the shower stall.


Walking around in stocking feet, the seam in the toe of my sock irritates me.

Reach down to adjust the seam on my toe.

Feel a foreign object.

A small, concave (or convex, depending upon your perspective) plastic disk.


Put it in my eye.


Much better.

Thank you, Beloved. Love your sense of humor. In the toe of my sock--really?


Deb Shucka said...

The best part of this story is you not having access to your sink because the cat was using it. :-)

Joan said...

This is funny! If I wore contacts, this story could be mine! (Minus the cat in the sink!)

Kathryn Grace said...

Funny! And amazing good fortune. Don't you love how our angels take care of us sometimes?

kario said...

I don't know how you people with contacts do it! I couldn't stick my finger in my eye voluntarily two times a day!

Glad you found it.

Carrie Link said...

Beloved is a prankster, to be sure!