Saturday, February 12, 2011

we are one

(first crocus)

There is no doubt that history goes three steps forward and two steps backward; but thank God, there seems to be always a final net gain. And God seems to be very, very patient.

Richard Rohr

Patience is a virtue, even in the divine. Day One started with planting the seeds of removing negative power from leadership. Oh, how I hope we see more and more of that.

We in this country are not immune from similar situations. We can sit on this side of the ocean and feel joy, compassion, and empathy with Egypt--and we should. Yet, we must remain willing to call out evil when we see it right here at home, too.

Unity. There is not one decider. We must all be a part of the process. And the process is so very important--even the process of sowing seeds.

Yes. It is.


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Deb Shucka said...

You are so right.

The picture is amazing, both the sweet little flower, and the composition of it.

Carrie Link said...

Yea, baby!