Wednesday, March 02, 2011

even rhinestones reflect more light than many in political leadership in the world

I never let a rhinestone go unturned.


Lately I am tired of all the heaviness in the world--wars, revolutions, lies, cheating, greed, evil. All of it--I am sick of it.

It must be time for some frivolity. Dolly always cheers me up. I don't like rhinestones, but I do love Dolly and her sense of humor.

And The Sorcerer's Apprentice--the new one--is worth watching.


Deb Shucka said...

I liked that movie, too. Actually I love rhinestones, and everything else that shines and glitters. No one does them as much justice as our Dolly.

Carrie Link said...

Love that she's just "Dolly," now. Her last name is unnecessary!

Joan said...

Rhinestones are pretty and sparkly and frivolous. I love them. My "prom" tennis shoes have them, and so do my new jeans. They are bright spots in a sometimes not-so-bright day. And they are cheaper than diamonds!!!

Kathryn Grace said...

I knew I was old when I started liking jean jackets and pockets that glitter, especially the rhinestone-crusted ones. Still don't own one, but I do think I'd like to, if I could find a fair-trade, organic cotton, one that is. It sure is a lot more difficult to indulge whimsical fancy now that I know where most stuff comes from! Sigh.