Wednesday, January 04, 2012

getting up and doing it again

(i rebuilt the greenhouse after a wind storm.
this is what it looks like at night.
yes, that is duct tape holding it together.)

A champion is someone who gets up when he can't.

Jack Dempsey

We had a bodacious wind storm a few nights ago. Then it rained for several days. The good news is that all the parts of the greenhouse stayed in my yard. The bad news is that the sum of the parts no longer made a whole.

Today the temperature registered in the upper 50s. The sun appeared once in a while. The rain took a break so I could re-construct this little quonset before the freezing weather returns.

I have duct tape.

One of the essential three: Duct tape...hammer...WD40. You can hold it together or get it apart with these.

Yes, the Christmas lights are still up. I am sure they will be for at least a couple more weeks.

Yes, the greenhouse is lighted. I use a rope light to keep the feet of the plants warm--plus, the greenhouse sits next to the dryer vent so some of the warm exhaust air blows into the structure. Everyone in there is quite happy at the moment.

I think they will survive. They will get back up...even if they can't.

Me, too.


Susan O'Neil said...

Random thoughts: love the christmas lights-can't we just rename them something else so they can stay as long as we want? love duct tape, even the psychedelic colored ones; and especially love the idea of the plants surrounded by 'light'.

ps. the video the other day was awesome!

kario said...

Good for you (and your plants). I love the clever idea of putting the greenhouse near the dryer vent - I'd crawl inside to get warm, too.