Friday, January 06, 2012

love friday 01.06.12 ~ governor gregoire speaks

This week we're doing Love Friday because I spaced it and missed Thursday. Just eased right past it. Oh, well.

After yesterday's post, one of my Facebook friends brought this clip to my attention:

I agree with and let live.

Governor Gregoire accurately points out that churches and religious institutions will continue to be able to marry or not marry whomever they choose. That is their religious freedom to do so.

A legal right to marry does not equal a "religious right" to be "blessed," "sanctified," or whatever else the group calls it. In fact, in some South American countries, couples first have a civil union that the State licenses. Then later, if the couple chooses and the "church" agrees, they have a religious wedding ceremony. Those who don't want a religious ceremony don't have one. Those that the church chooses not to approve of don't have one either.

That, my friends, is separation of church and state.

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love..."

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kario said...

Separation of church and state. If only it were a reality and not a sound bite in some places. May we get there someday...