Sunday, February 19, 2012

no blame

Our present ecological crisis, the biggest single practical threat to our human existence in the middle to long term, has, religious people would say, a great deal to do with our failure to think of the world as existing in relation to the mystery of God, not just as a huge warehouse of stuff to be used for our convenience.

Rowan Williams

Remember that Jim Carrey movie, Liar, Liar? Sometimes, I wish that were real life for all of us. What would happen if we could say nothing that wasn't the truth?

The other one I long for...NO BLAME. Wouldn't it be great to be able to look in the mirror and see our own responsibility--our own contribution? To both the problem and the solution.

Just sayin'.


kario said...

That would require an enormous shift of consciousness, wouldn't it? Dare to dream!

Deb Shucka said...

One of the cool things about not reading blogs as often as I used to is that I get to read several in a row. This time with yours, I sense a feeling of longing for love and truth. That's sort of a theme for you, but it's coming through stronger in these.

I love the pic of Honeyboy and his tongue. No cat will ever let a thing like a missing limb get in the way of being where he wants to be.

Love, my friend.

Kathryn Grace said...

My dad could not lie. Nor was he good at subterfuge or obfuscation. Got him into lots of hot water. People found it hard to like him. Trust him? Oh yes. But not being able to lie, he also could not bear lies from others. That makes people uncomfortable.

I inherited those traits from him. My mom used to say, can't you just lie? It would save you a lot of grief.

Of course over time I learned to lie about some things and in certain situations. I'm not very good at it. People always see through me. I've been told my face tells all.

It gets me into a lot of trouble. Funny thing is, I can usually tell when someone is lying to me, even if they're good at it. It hurts me physically. I wonder why our world is supposed to be better if we lie to one another.

Surely the truth, however uncomfortable to hear, is better than knowing the truth and pretending we don't, which is what I think most people do.

I guess it's called saving face. Letting the other save face. Saving face ourselves.

But really, what's the point?

The truth is always easier to bear than lies, however harsh.

Harsh truth, told with a kind heart, is far easier to bear than lies.