Wednesday, February 29, 2012

welcome to pleasantville

Carefully I crafted a loop with the string and tossed it into the river. / I never caught a fish with buttercups or a knotted string. / But I saw them swimming by in fleets of flashing silver / And for me, that was enough.

Emily Vizzo

The third wall is finished.

When we moved into this house, the walls were all white. Okay...not all. There were three accent walls in the entire house that were painted one step away from white--pastel of pastel.

It was a good thing. Many of the new houses we looked at had colors chosen by designers. Perhaps they were the "in" colors, but we didn't like them. White suited us just fine.

Now, several years later, the white isn't any more. The walls are showing the dirt and the wear. And I am tired of white. So color is coming to live here.

I feel like I am moving to Pleasantville. You've seen it? Two teens get pulled into a black and white 50s TV show. They bring about all kinds of changes and everything begins to turn to color.

I like deep color. The dark green on the third wall, in the day time is muted as we look out onto the greenspace; at night, the wall disappears into the blackness.

It feels like the room has always been this color...these colors.


Joan said...

Wow! Nice!

Joan said...

Cute kitty in the basket!r

Kathryn Grace said...

My computer renders the walls gray and charcoal. I imagine the dark green, a shade we once used on an accent wall, to much delight every time we sat in the room. Or cleaned it for that matter.