Thursday, August 30, 2012

love thursday 08.30.12 ~ love bomb

We are love, and we are made for love, and our natural abiding place is inside of divine love. As St. Catherine of Genoa said, “My deepest me is God!”

Richard Rohr

My least favorite part of traveling is the airport. Now that we have to undress and parade our toiletries while being x-rayed, it's a bit more than my delicate sensibilities can handle. I decided to change the experience.

When I arrive at an airport from which I plan to travel, I love bomb them. I create a big sphere of love energy around myself and send it in the door before me.

I'll take off my shoes and jacket. I'll put my liquids and gels in a baggie. I'll put my computer in its own tray.

I won't be x-rayed. I opted instead for the pat down. In spite of all the horror stories I have read about people being groped and otherwise handled inappropriately, that risk was much more acceptable to me than being exposed to the rays. I know a doctor who says, "They can give me a rectal exam if they want. I'm not going through that machine."

The woman who did the pat down was very nice--respectful. She told me what to expect and did exactly that. She asked if I hurt anywhere that she should know about. She was pleasant and her touch was--well...nice! As she ran her hands down my back, I said, "Who knew I would get to start my vacation with a massage!" She laughed.

Later I said to SO, "It's kind of fun to love bomb people and see how nice you can get them to be."

If you're going to the airport, I recommend Love Bombs. They can only be detected by seeing others' kindness and pleasantness.

For me, love bombing sets the tone for the whole trip.

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