Monday, March 30, 2009

follow me...if you'd like

(darth vader playing for change in victoria)

We have to face the fact that either all of us are going to die together or we are going to learn to live together, and if we are to live together we have to talk.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~
in The New York Times (1960)

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SE'LAH... said...

Love the darth vader command ;-)

kath said...

One time I left work early to go with Margie and the kids (who were little then, back in the eighties) to a local mall to have our pictures taken with a cardboard cutout of Han Solo. There's quite a nice shot of me with my arm around him!

contemporary themes said...

And yet we so frequently refuse to talk to each other. What's that about?

I have (had) two friends recently just stop talking to me. Hurts like hell. I just want to talk it through, but neither will even respond to my request. I hate when people use silence as a weapon.

Oh gawd, I just vented right here on your blog. I'm tempted to delete it, but it feels good to get it out.

Talking to each other, no matter who we are, is SO NECESSARY for living together.

Wanda said...

I will be your witness. Vent on.

graceonline said...

Vent! Yes! There has been nothing so powerfully healing in my life as the witness of a friend to my suffering.

As for talking, my dear son-in-law proved ER's point this week when we had a misunderstanding. It was he, so much younger than I, who initiated sitting down and talking it through, not once, but twice.

I love the younger generation.

Wonderful quote, Wanda, thank you, and thank you for the kindly mention as well.