Tuesday, March 03, 2009

tag...you're it! (plus a tip for picking photos of yourself)

(shutter sisters challenge)

1) Sit down.
2) Take a picture of yourself right now--don't primp--just snap one!
3) Upload it.
4) Tag 3 people to do the same.)

I tag:




and you.

Oh, come on. I was brave--you can be, too. Create the post then come on back here and leave me a link.

Do you know anyone who really likes pictures of herself? Most of us cringe when we see ourself reproduced by a camera.

Have you ever wondered why? Well, I happen to know so I am going to share my secret for picking a self-photo that you like. I can't even remember now where I learned it. Either I read it in a magazine decades ago or I learned it from the photographer who took my high school yearbook photo...decades ago.

Nobody's face is completely symmetrical. Some of us are moreso than others, but not one of us is totally even side to side. When we look in the mirror, we get used to that view. Some days when I look in the mirror, I think that what I see is really okay. But if you were to take a photo of me on that same day, I very well might not like it because what I see in the photo is the reverse me. The assymetry I see in my photo is opposite what I see when I look in a mirror--unless, of course, I took the photo of myself in the mirror.

Next time you want to know if you really like a shot of yourself, hold the photo up to the mirror. It's that simple. You will look more like yourself to you. Or open the shot in your photo viewer and do a horizontal flip (it will be the same as looking at yourself in the mirror).

Give it a try. Tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

my shot is up on my flickr account


you look good!!

Wanda said...

OMG, margie! You look fabulous. This is what I get for rolling out and taking my picture before morning coffee!

Anonymous said...

Margie always looks fabulous .... seriously.

mine is here