Saturday, March 14, 2009

having a wonderful time...wish you were here

The truth is these crocuses are in my front yard. I was having trouble uploading pictures from the internet connection in my hotel room so I went to an internet cafe and uploaded the pictures for the week while I am here. I saved them for the day they will be posted. I will probably post the Victoria pictures after I get home. Oh, well.

We have been shopping and taking pictures. We toured Parliament today. It's a beautiful building. They budgeted for $500,000 in 1871 and actually spent $922, today's dollars? A lot.

We may get rain tomorrow. Perhaps snow.

Hold tight. Some Victoria pictures will follow...eventually.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love Victoria! So beautiful and such wonderful people. Have fun the rest of you trip!

contemporary themes said...

Have a great time!

Wanda said...

Thanks, SC & She. We just got home after having French onion soup for supper. YUM.

Thanks for coming by.