Thursday, May 19, 2011

love thursday 05.19.11 ~ the devil made me do it

A brother asked Pambo, "Why does the enemy prevent me doing good to my neighbour?" He said, "Do not talk like that or you will make God a liar. Say, 'It is I myself do not want to be kind to others.' For God came down to us and said, 'I have given you the power of treading upon scorpions and snakes' (Luke 10:19), and so you are beyond the power of the enemy. Why then do you not tread down these evil spirits?"

The Desert Fathers: Sayings of the Early Christian Monks

I. Love. This.

I've often wondered why people of faith are so afraid of "the Enemy" when they've been promised the power of the Heavens.

There you have it. Choose Love.

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graceonline said...

I've always wondered that as well. I've heard so many preachers extolling the extraordinary power of evil and our weakness to fight it. I lived in absolute terror as a child that the devil would trick me, unawares, and I would end up writhing in hell forever because god just wasn't as powerful to keep me safe.

Would some of those "ministers" had read this passage.