Sunday, January 03, 2010

tigers and toes

(chewing on my toes, which he must have mistaken for a tiger)

Some days you tame the tiger. And some days the tiger has you for lunch.

~ Tug McGraw ~

I am strangely devoid of words at the moment. No great insights or inspirations to share with you. No topics of interest to expound.

Three days into the new year and I am still posting every day! I've also started a new Project 365. This year, however, instead of self-portraits, I am simply taking a photo a day...even if it is with my phone's camera. Discipline. This is all about discipline and practice.

I took down some Christmas lights today and I am almost done with my year end bookkeeping. I should be able to work on my taxes before the weekend is over...but that doesn't mean I will.

If you have any requests for topics or questions to ask, as always, leave them here in a comment or send me an email. Maybe you can help me break the suction.


Anonymous said...

its all about discipline, wanda. good going :)

Anonymous said...

I think "tigers and toes" is pretty cool

Susan O'Neil said...

I'm still thinking about the last posting. Truth. Why is it so hard, so dangerous, so provocative? so hard to recognize? or is it that we recognize it but choose to stay in denial instead? Why does everyone get so mad at me when i speak my truth? i'm not saying it's their truth. And to now change subjects, how about home? what is it really? where is it? not really sure anymore where my physical 'home' is. i probably sound punchy, which i am, as i've been on the road for days and have days to go to get to my 'home'. but, you know what i mean. if you live someplace, what makes it your 'home'? ok, now i must sleep.

Deb Shucka said...

That kitty's going to have to work on his fierce look. :-) The words will come when they're ready - they always do.