Friday, July 09, 2010


Liberty is not built on the doctrine that a few nobles have the right to inherit the earth. No. NO! It stands on this principle: that the meanest, and the lowest of people are, by the unalterable and indefeasible laws of god and nature as well entitled to the benefit of the air to breath, light to see, food to eat, and clothes to wear as the nobles or the king! THAT is LIBERTY. And Liberty will reign in America!

~ John Adams ~

Did you happen to see the John Adams miniseries? It was great. Love that Abigail. Where would we be now if not for her?

(I'm just sayin'....)

3 comments: said...

I got as far as the first one, had nightmares for days about the guy who was tarred and feathered. Could do no more.

Loved the relationship between John and Abigail though.

Carrie Link said...

I'm just hearin'.

Kathryn Grace said...

If it's the one they repeat now and then, I've seen bits and pieces over the years, but never the whole thing and missed it entirely this last time, but I do know how ardently Abigail advocated that her husband and cohorts not forget the women. Her advice to him helped to make the Constitution a much better document than it might have been, despite his failure to remember the women, don't you think?