Friday, July 16, 2010

simple things: happy birthday, christina

The lovely Christina at Soul Aperture is having a birthday today. We are having a surprise party for her, so stop in and leave her a birthday greeting. I know she'll be glad you did.

Christina is the host of Simple Things. This post is in her honor...

Sunny days

In the summer or anytime

Make me glad for

Plenty of reasons.

Loving the warmth and brightness,

Especially for...

Topless drives

Having shave ice for dessert

Instigating conversations with neighbors and passersby

New bamboo shoots

Green things growing in our garden

Simply hanging out and turning brown

Happy Birthday, Christina! May you have many more....


Contest update: I got an honorable mention and a gift certificate for $10! (The squirrels will be very happy.)


Cinner said...

This is beautiful. she will so love this. take care, nice visiting a new blog. have a great weekend.

Visually Oriented said...

I love this - how clever you are with spelling it out!!I am so jealous :o)

Deb Shucka said...

Beautiful poem! Big congrats on your win. Will we get to see the picture somewhere?

Off to wish Christina a Happy Birthday.

Birdie said...

Wanda, this was so much fun to read, very lovely poem!

SE'LAH... said...

great minds think alike. i have done each of my posts for the simple things in this format...but not as elegant as yours ;)

topdrive drives, eh?

Christina said...

isn't this the coolest!!
shaved ice! yes!
thank you, love!

kath said...

topless drives still makes me giggle ...
I actually told my sister-in-law about you and your topless drives yesterday and how I always thought you were driving around without your shirt on!


Kathryn Grace said...

Lovely poem. Good life. Simple things.

And congrats on the honorable mention!