Thursday, July 29, 2010

love thursday 07.29.10 ~ short list

"Love is something sent from HEAVEN to worry the HELL out of you!" :) - Dolly

(posted by Dolly Parton to Facebook...just like that)

I love...


Home Depot

and finishing projects.

Today just might be the day. I made my one trip to Home Depot yesterday--alas, not to return unneeded parts. I bought more. I think I figured out the problem--one the builder made in the original installation that I inadvertently repeated. (He, as a builder, should have known better.)

Trust me. I will keep you posted...whether you want to know or not.

Happy Love Thursday!


Kathryn Grace said...

I do, I do! You have a way of making it interesting and amusing, though I'm sure the frustration you feel must be enormous every time you make one more trip to HD.

Wanda said...

I get to make another today and at least one more tomorrow...I think. What a comedy of errors. It is such a pain to try to fix someone else's shoddy work--especially when they are the ones who should know what they are doing.