Thursday, April 12, 2012

love thursday 04.12.12 ~ love is just common sense

(see how much banana has grown?)

Love, compassion and concern for others are real sources of happiness. If you have these in abundance, you will not be disturbed even by the most uncomfortable circumstances. If you nurse hatred, however, you will not be happy even in the lap of luxury. Thus, if we really want happiness, we must widen the sphere of love. This is both religious thinking and basic common sense.

Dalai Lama

I'd like to sit down and have a beer with HHDL...and John Lennon...and Jesus. They got it. I'd like to be with people who get it for a while.

Happy Love Thursday. You all get it, too.


Joan said...

Wouldn't that be wonderful! They all get it...all you need is love!!

Kathryn Grace said...

You know, John Lennon got it in many ways, but in life, he struggled with it just as much as any of us do. I often wonder whether HH does as well.

The more I age, the more I am grateful for the company of the people I love, no matter how strident our differences. Just to be in their presence is enough. I keep my mouth shut a lot more than I used to do. Sometimes that's not saying a whole lot, considering.