Wednesday, April 18, 2012

note to self: open wide your heart

There is no need to go searching for a remedy for the evils of the time. The remedy already exists – it is the gift of one’s self to those who have fallen so low that even hope fails them. Open wide your heart.

Rene Bazin

Love for no reason at all has escaped me lately. Today drivers, servers, pedestrians--everyone was a bit spacey.

When I took the right away (and it was mine) other drivers honked at me. Really? Yeah. Really.

I have to go back to opening my heart...for all reasons and none at all.

Yeah. I do.


Joan said...

We know that is the right way to live...kind of difficult at times to follow through. I pray for strength for all of us!

Kathryn Grace said...

I'm looking at the date on this and realizing it was last Wednesday that I experienced the first of two days just like that, when I began to despair that there could possibly be a majority of good-hearted people on the Earth.

Perhaps it was the alignment of the stars?