Tuesday, August 09, 2011

mark o hatfield

I see all life as a part of God's creation, and I think it's rather audacious and presumptuous of humankind to consider that it has the right to destroy creation, to destroy all life.

Former Sen. Mark Hatfield (R-OR)

explaining why he joined with Sen. Edward Kennedy in 1982 to sponsor a
United States-Soviet freeze on nuclear weapons. Hatfield died Sunday at age 89.

In today's age of politics, I am grateful to remember the true statesmen whose job it was to run our country and protect the people. Mark Hatfield was one of those.

He was the governor of my state, sentator for my state, and a fellow alumni from Willamette University. The library is named after him.

No buildings are named after me.


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Yeah. I agree with Kario.

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Great quote. I agree!

graceonline said...

Ah well, you don't have any rich buddies putting up the big bucks to get your name over the door. All the same, your work and words remain valuable to those of us lucky enough to have found you. We'll keep spreading the word.