Sunday, August 28, 2011

saturday list

Go to Les Schwab for replacement wheels...again.

Negotiate and make arrangements with someone to buy the wood from the tree we had to remove.

Make plans with the stump grinder to take out the stump of the aforementioned maple.

Buy a stool someone advertised on Craigslist. $10.

Fall the "mystery plant," which is not a hollyhock and now has a tree like stump 6 inches in diameter.

Wear at least three blisters on my hands in that process.

Go to the pharmacy. (Thank God for co-pay.)

Go back to Les Schwab...again.

Take a trip to Home Depot to get a part...that they didn't have.

Visit George Morlan for an O-ring. 30 cents.

Repair the kitchen faucet that stopped working while I was washing my hands after falling the mystery tree.

Re-dig the one of the trenches filled by the stump guy.

Replace the bubbler head for the walking stick bamboo that I previously moved out of the way for the stump guy.

Readjust sprinkler heads for distance and sweep.

Wrap the slider on one of the outdoor chairs with teflon tape and put it back in place hoping that it will stay where it belongs.

Discover a split in a garden soaker hose.

Make another trip to Home Depot to get hose repair kit. $4.27.

Sort of repair said hose using parts from the kit and duct tape.

Quit for the day and take a shower.

And you?


Mary'sCorner said...

Yowzer! What a Saturday for you, B! I went to the grocery store, did some internet research, made some food for my hoosbondi and me, talked on the phone, played with the dog, medicated the cat, washed dishes, bought two domain names for a new idea I have, visited a sick friend, and finally watched a movie about Tolstoy with Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer. I liked my day better than yours, but yours was way more productive!

kario said...

What is it about Home Depot? Every time I have to go for one thing on a Saturday, it turns in to two or three trips for some other reason.

Glad you were so productive. Puts me to shame. I sat in a theater with some girlfriends and watched "Les Miserables" for the first time. It was glorious!

Deb Shucka said...

I hope you're taking a well-deserved day of rest today. Yikes, what a Saturday!

Sandi said...

Ooh, I had a list, but I ignored it! I didn't do much except look over my new student files, analyze their strengths and weaknesses in reading and math (still have writing to do). Oh, wrote a post and read and responded to several . . . did my exercises . . . that's pretty much it!

Your list of accomplishments exhausted me!

Joan said...

Most of my Saturday was spent going back and forth to the high school to watch Shyann play in a volleyball tournament. I did do some housework but didn't accomplish nearly as much as you did. I admire your energy. But, then, you are younger than me!