Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my mother, the comedian

Mom is here visiting for a few days. We love it when she comes to stay. In keeping with SO's birthday month, we went to dinner to celebrate during Mom's visit.

As we turned in to McCormick's parking lot, a Fox News team was filming across the street. No one could tell by looking what story they were covering. The warm evening invited us to eat on the patio in clear view of the crew.

I still wore the clothes I had worn to work and looked forward to my pajamas when we returned home. "I want to take my clothes off." I'm known for speaking in shorthand. Just ask SO. Apparently, my propensity for detail omission causes frequent misunderstandings.

"At least wait 'til we get home!" Mom smiled as she said it. Of all the people on the planet, she understands me in spite of the gaps in facts.

"Maybe I could get on Fox News. 'Fat Lady Strips at McCormick's,'" I made up the headline for the story.

And my mother said, "I didn't see that on the menu."

Yeah...with poblano tartar sauce.

Everyone needs a straight man. I am hers.


Deb Shucka said...

What a lovely relationship you have with your mom! Great story.

kario said...

Thanks for the laugh. Enjoy your visit.

Joan said...

I laughed out loud at this until I cried. And then I cried because I can't be there with you and Mom. Enjoy your time together...even if it is without me :(

Sandi said...

Good company you're keeping, I think! It's always good when we can laugh at ourselves and have family that "gets it"!